I work with business leaders and their teams who want to be more influential. My career has involved working in business-to-business publishing and the not for profit and Associations sectors. In the Associations sector I have worked with senior executives from a varied cross section of industries. Throughout my career I have worked closely with the leaders of design, marketing and creative communities. In total, this experience gives me the flexibility to work with a wide range of businesses and industry sectors on their skills of influence.

I am a trainer and coach for The Institute of Data and Marketing where I run a workshop on Presentation Skills.

Feedback from clients

“Very very good and useful. I feel the day has helped me develop and in turn will allow me to reach my professional goals.” Marketing Executive

“Insightful. Taught me many parts to a successful presentation that I had not previously even considered.” Marketing Assistant

“I’ve learned more in the last nine months than in the whole of the previous nine years.” Creative Director

“There have been mini relevations that have shed light on important issues.” Creative Director and Business Owner

“Challenging and thought provoking. Not an easy ride but time for me to learn and grow.” Creative Director

” We were immediately engaged and inspired. The sessions were straightforward to understand with challenging yet practical skills to hone and implement. Can’t praise the training enough.” Design Agency Account Director

“John’s training has enabled the team to become more confident in meetings and presentations. As a result, they are now both able and keen to go out on their own and present.” MD of design and branding consultancy

“Working with John has been a game-changer for us, delivering tangible results. We feel we have a strategy for building our profile, action that we have taken to do this and that it is having an effect. I found it reassuring working with John. He has a methodology, which is structured and clear. His own successful experiences back this up. It’s good to feel we are now in control. This was a new approach for us, but a year down the line and it is working. I would certainly recommend working with John.” Creative Director and Principal of design and branding consultancy

“I really enjoyed the session – I certainly feel I have taken plenty away to work on and use in my next client meeting or presentation. The key parts for me are around planning / presentation, content and inclusions. I feel like I will be able to read a room better, and take into account the different personality types within the meeting. Summarising endings was another great point – allowing time to include these last few slides is key. I felt the overall style and content of the session was perfect – a good balance between verbal content and practical.” Associate Director, Design and Production Agency

“John’s course on meetings and presentations has helped me to look at presentations differently. I would recommend John to anyone who feels like presentation training would be useful to them, he is warm, friendly and immediately made me feel engaged and at ease. Everything I learnt during the day is applicable to future presentations and meetings; in particular, certain techniques around body language which I hadn’t considered before will be very useful.” Senior Client Manager Packaging Design Consultancy

“John’s coaching has helped me to know a lot more about myself. I feel our sessions have created a really strong base for my future growth both personally and professionally. I have already used my new insight to overhaul my website and realign my client offer. What’s exciting is that I now have much more confidence to create relationship building conversations – and I am having great fun putting it into practice.” Design Business Owner

“John’s coaching has made a genuine difference to me, personally and professionally. The opportunity to vocalise my thoughts gave me a different perspective on them. It opened up new thinking, creating new options for me. As a self-employed individual, our sessions helped me to see a distinction between me and my business and also a need for this distinction. The coaching also made me reflect on my personality and the situations where it works for me and those when a different approach is required. As a result of our work I am developing an engagement strategy that is more proactive around getting ‘me’ out there. Throughout our work together, I found John to be a good listener and his approach to be professional and sincere.” Design professional.

“John has spoken at many events I have put together. His clear vision and ability to explain and deliver ideas in an engaging way led me to work with him not just as a speaker but also as a mentor for my ideas for events and the business. I would highly recommend John as a mentor and speaker.” Freelance Programme Producer and Social Media Manager #DigitalMumToBe

Really good session today. My brain was buzzing with thoughts ! I will look to distil the ideas so we can take some of this forward with our plans.” Assistant Director Communications and Marketing.

Shortlisted for Best Growth Strategy at Association Congress Awards 2014 for “Creating Conversations that Sell” sales strategy.

“I was very fortunate enough to have John as my director of sales during my first real B2B sales job. I can absolutely credit his 1-2-1 training, coaching & mentoring with any success I have had in my sales career.”  International Sales Manager

“John made me think of what I wanted to achieve, very much like a mentor would. He also gave me practical advice. Thank you, John for inspiring me to take more positive action.” MD and Brand Naming Consultant

“John is a great listener, partner, advisor, and motivator.” COO Creative and Design Industry

 “After hearing John speak brilliantly at an event, I told him that I wanted to be able to accept public speaking invitations in the future. We drafted a speech together and, over four sessions, developed and rehearsed it and discussed performance and progress. John was patient, reassuring and ready with fair criticism and detailed advice. He gave practical tips such as writing key points to aid memory and support performance and how to use voice intonation, pauses and breathing effectively. I learned that a good speech needs considerable in-depth preparation – familiarisation with the material, writing, memorising and rehearsal. Before this training, I had imagined that speakers were just extroverts with natural talent, who loved performing and to whom speaking in public comes easy. Now I realise that it takes preparation and work but I feel confident to take these opportunities in the future.” Creative Director