Influential Meetings and Presentation Skills

A full day interactive training workshop for up to 6 people.

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The course Every presentation is an opportunity for change. For the presenter, it’s the opportunity to prepare and deliver some fresh idea, insight or thinking. This focuses their mind on sharpening what they say and how they say it in order to achieve their objective. And for the audience, they have the opportunity to leave the room at the end, having had their thinking changed in some way that is useful to them. And ultimately that the two parties agree on a mutually beneficial way forward. This training workshop gives delegates the opportunity to inject life back into their presentations.

Who is it for? This course is tailor made for people who want to take their presentation skills to the next level. They may have been recently promoted or taking on new responsibilities that make their successful performance in presentations even more crucial. Each course is shaped to fit the requirements of the delegates attending.

Outline The session runs over a full day, and is divided into two halves, Preparation in the morning and then Delivery in the afternoon. The following areas are included subject to the requirements of the delegates.


  • Up front: clarifying objectives
  • The audience: who are my audience?
  • The idea: what have you got to say and how do you want to say it?
  • The presenter: who am I when I present?
  • Perfect practice makes perfect: what does good practice look like?


  • First impressions: the contexts and environments for presentations
  • Opening and closing the session: good beginnings and good endings.
  • The Q & A: The right approach to questions
  • Using language for impact: finding the right words for the right audience.
  • Using your voice: the vocal toolkit.
  • Using your body language: Habits to cultivate and avoid.
  • Managing nerves and building confidence: finding the balance between the two.

Style of training

I work with content and an approach that translates into the real world. There is some ‘psychology’ included but the emphasis is on real applicable learning. My course has the following features:

  • Tailored: relevant to the challenges and opportunities that the team are looking at.
  • Real world: content geared towards learning that leads to results.
  • Action oriented: focuses on a set of practical actions for presentation success.
  • Practice driven: the participants are involved in the session and able to test and experiment in a safe environment.

Feedback from delegates who have attended my Meetings and Presentations training workshop

“We were immediately engaged and inspired. The sessions were straightforward to understand with challenging yet practical skills to hone and implement. Mini exercises helped the information sink in and were great fun too.  A huge amount of the material covered can be put to good use immediately, and practice will undoubtedly enable the remaining material to take full effect. Far from being daunting though, all of my team felt reassured by the training and excited about the opportunity to add poise, pace, narrative and life to future presentations. Can’t praise the training enough.”

“John was very good as he made us all feel at ease. He gave us a great overview of what is obviously a large subject area. We now have ‘tools’ to take forward in presentations. We also feel empowered and want to take this forward and improve our performances.”
“There are some light bulb moments through the training – I not only need practical training, but also do I need to shift my mind-set to claim the responsibility for my performance. In addition, the realisation that all the great presentations are delivered with great preparation and practices puts me at ease. It means that this is something that can be learned and practiced and mastered.”

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