Top Tips no. 7: Handling questions in a presentation: Work through these five steps and questions will become a rollercoaster you can learn to enjoy……read on.

Top Tips no.6: How to win a pitch: What experience makes someone choose your agency? I asked a number of agency clients what makes a positive impression on them…….read on.

Top Tips no.5: Building client relationships: Your client relationships are the key to building your business. How do you start and then maintain them……read on.


Top Tips no.4: Getting started in conference speaking: If you’re wondering what to do first in order to get things moving here are five ideas to get you started…….read on.

Top Tips no. 3: Pitching: The pitch takes things up to a new level. Money and risk show up at the table. Here’s what to reflect on and build into your pitch process…… on

Top Tips no. 2: Finding your sales mindset: Once you get your selling mindset clear, the rest will follow. Here’s how to find it… on.



Top Tips no. 1: Presentations: So you’ve got an important presentation coming up. What are the key things you need to think about in order to make it a success?…….read on.