I work with my clients on their approach to a range of communication contexts from meetings and presentations and public speaking, to personal impact and negotiation.

Prior to delivering any training, I will meet with you to discuss your specific goals and challenges. From this discussion, I will create a clear brief for the training that enables me to design and deliver a session that will contribute to progress and forward movement for your team.
Here is a selection of the workshops I run:

Presentations skills workshops: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level

Beginners: Influential Meetings and Presentations: A half-day interactive training workshop for up to 6 people.
The workshop:
Every presentation is an opportunity for change. If you’re just starting to go out and make presentations, there can be a lot to take in. This half-day workshop will give you the principles and practises to enable you to feel confident and develop your skills and comfort as a presenter.
Who is it for?

This workshop is for people who have just done their first presentation or are about to start presenting. It will support them to make faster progress than they would by learning on the job alone.Intermediate: Influential Meetings and Presentations:

A one-day interactive training workshop for up to 6 people.
The workshop:
Every presentation is an opportunity for change. The presenter has the opportunity to prepare and deliver some fresh idea, insight or thinking. And the audience can leave the room at the end, having had their thinking changed in some way that is useful to them. And ultimately both agree on a mutually beneficial way forward. This one-day course gives delegates the opportunity to inject life back into their presentations and create these outcomes.Who is it for? This course is geared towards people who have some presentation experience but need to step up their game. They may have been recently promoted or taking on new responsibilities that make their successful performance in presentations even more crucial.

Open workshop for marketing, design, data and digital professionals

Advanced: Leading Meetings and Presentations: How to prepare and deliver with impact and influence and support your team to do the same.
The workshop: When a team steps up to present to an audience, they are on show. They are being evaluated, on their leadership, on the performance of those team members attending and presenting, and the business as a whole. The audience is making decisions around trust and investment based on what they see, hear and feel in the meeting or presentation.

For the leader of the presentation it’s an opportunity to prepare themselves and their team to deliver some fresh idea, insight or thinking.

Who is it for? You are an experienced presenter. This workshop will invite you to revisit and assess your skills and allow you to grow, learn and push your personal boundaries to reach new heights in your performance. And enable you to bring out the best in your team on these occasions.

Public Speaking: How to make the most of speaking opportunities.
The workshop: Being an effective public speaker can make a crucial difference to an individual looking to help their business achieving its goals.  In addition, developing your skills as a speaker can transfer positively back into how you lead your team, how you inspire them to act and work towards the goals of the business and the industry.

Who is it for? You might be just starting out as a speaker, or spoken a number of times. You may not be sure of what you know and what you’re missing out on. You’ll be looking to understanding your own approach to speaking, what you like and what you want to change. You’ll learn the skills and thinking used by successful speakers. You’ll be able to practise and received constructive and supportive feedback on your performances. And you’ll leave with a plan of action as to what you’ll do next.

Open Public Speaking Masterclass for Association professionals

Personal Impact
A Winning Mindset: A full day interactive training workshop for up to 6 people.
The workshop: 
In the fast-paced world that we live in today, it’s easy to get locked into a cycle of action. Whatever comes at us, we meet it and move on. Time frames and budgets put practical boundaries on the activities that demand our focus and move us quickly through our day. This has all sorts of positive practical aspects. It gets things done. But what are we missing that could be useful? This one day workshop looks at the key qualities associated with creating and sustaining a winning mindset. It will stimulate you to think about your own potential, what you could bring more of to your work and what increased value that could have for you, both personally and professionally.Who is it for?

This workshop is geared towards Directors and Senior Managers. They may have recently stepped up into a new role and be looking to explore and then use more of their full potential.
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Creating Conversations that Sell:

A 7-session coaching programme that gives you the skills, actions and beliefs to build your own new business relationships.
The programme:
The programme is based on using the ‘three Cs’ of Community, Content and Conversations. We will work together to find your own approach to harnessing these three steps. In doing so you will find out how to create the light, heat and energy to draw new relationships towards you and the opportunities to develop those relationships into new customers.Who is it for?

This programme is for business owners and leaders that want to take control of their approach to new business by bringing it in house. You have tried alternatives and you have a feeling that you want to be more self-directed in your approach to building your business. If you’re asking ‘what should I do next?’ then this programme is for you.Ask me for the case studies

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