I’m an ICF credentialed coach (PCC). As a professional coach I have been trained to coach using the International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies. These competencies have been researched and proven to be present when effective coaching has taken place. This training enables me to facilitate the best coaching experience for my clients and support them to make the changes they desire through coaching.

My training involved: 125 hours+ coach specific training, 100 hours+ coaching experience, 10+ hours of formal mentor coaching, supervision and passing written and final assessments.

I am a formal graduate of Coaching Development‘s Accredited Coach Training Programme achieving the Diploma in Coaching.

This qualification is recognised by the International Coaching Federation, the only globally recognised professional coaching body.

I am a member of the ICF and work to their definition of coaching, core competencies and code of ethics and conduct.

My coaching supports you to make progress towards your goal.

Our work together will enable you to:

  • Get really clear about what it is you want and don’t want.
  • Figure out what is standing between you and getting what you want.
  • Understand how to get around the barriers.
  • Create and carry out the plan to get to where you want to be

My style of coaching is to create a series of dynamic conversations that support you to get clear about your goals, find what you need to move forward and build your confidence to execute the plan successfully. In order to create these conversations, I will ask questions, listen and give feedback on what I’ve heard.

Feedback from my clients

“I feel more professional, more seasoned and experienced as a result of working with John. I feel more confident that I have what it takes to lead. As a coach, I found John to be clear, non-judgemental and inspiring.” Creative Director and Owner

“John’s coaching has enabled us to focus as a management team and make sure we are on the same page. He proved an insightful sounding board. His approach is calm, human and refreshingly free of jargon and buzzwords.”  Digital Director

“I think John is an excellent coach and mentor. He is professional, easy to talk to, and takes in more about the person than just what and how to achieve goals.” Creative Director

“John coached me on how to approach industry media in order to secure coverage for the business. What was most useful was being able to hear and understand my attitude towards it. This was a real eye opener for me.” Owner Graphic Design Business

“John’s coaching has helped me to know a lot more about myself. I feel our sessions have created a really strong base for my future growth both personally and professionally.” Branding and Graphic Design Professional

“John’s coaching has made a genuine difference to me, personally and professionally. The opportunity to vocalise my thoughts gave me a different perspective on them.” Design professional.

“The fact that I gained a new role on the back of the coaching sessions demonstrates the effectiveness of John’s coaching. His approach of calm, thoughtful, supportive and challenging when needed enabled quick progress.” Publishing professional

“John’s coaching is calm, and structured with a focus on results. He brings a balanced blend of questions and suggestions that I found brought me the results I was looking for.” Learning and Development professional