Making the most of what you have

Why do partnerships work? As a partner your position is more secure because your relationships are deeper and stronger, assuming you also add value of course. You are part of the discussion that leads to the work as opposed to your client coming to you, telling you what to do and you then working in

Unlock your influence

What does influence mean to you and what needs to happen for it to take place within your business? An agency that is seeing the impact of this change within their business is Open Water. I spoke with Creative Director and Head of the business, Philip Hansen about his experience of a shift in influence.

Six steps to an authentic sales culture

Your clients’ experience of your agency can push them away from you, or draw them closer.  Building an authentic sales culture for your business can draw them towards you. How do you create your authentic sales culture? Here are six behaviours that build a respectful and authentic sales approach. How many of these are you

Email doesn’t start relationships. People do.

And this is potentially harmful to effective communication, particularly when we equate ‘pushing a button’ with the belief that a communication has happened. We need to bring our ‘selves’ to this amazing technology, because the technology simply won’t do the whole job all by itself. How do you do this? Here are 4 challenges with