Six questions about sales

1) How do I sell what I do without appearing ‘salesy’? Be aware of what ‘salesy’ behaviour sounds, looks and feels like. It includes:talking excessively about yourself, ‘trying’ hard to get people to commit with tactics such as convincing them they need you. What might you replace it with? Talk about the effects/impact of what

Discover your inner sales person

Isn’t it important that everyone in an Association feels comfortable with selling? Associations are deeply dependent on money when it comes to delivering for their communities and especially their day to day functioning. And on delivering value in return for that money in order to continue to do so, long term. So with this in

The phone’s for you

What is the role of the phone call today, what are the benefits of it? What might prevent you from using it and how do you become more confident? Why use the phone to speak to people? A phone call sits nicely between an email and a meeting. A telephone conversation is richer and tells

How to win new-new business

Your approach should be to draw your new client towards you, before you start to approach them. If two people are moving towards each other, they are more likely to keep going and close the gap. They also meet as equals. When one person pursues another, the chase can be energy sapping for both parties.

Seven steps to selling design

New ways of buying have emerged and designers have had to adapt. The good news is that the skills and behaviours that make a good sales person today, are a good fit for how designers work, because they use them when they have been engaged by a client. The trick is to deploy these skills