10 myths about public speaking

Ten myths about speaking and speakers. Take a look. Is one of these holding you back? Get in touch and let me know.       #10 “What’s the thing you tell yourself that’s holding you back?” Here are 9 more myths. Take a look and see if the one you cherish is in the

Don’t say another word

Why some speakers don’t get asked back and how to make sure you do. Are you an in-demand speaker? To be fair, it’s likely that only a few speakers can honestly answer ‘yes’ to this question. But speaking is becoming a more competitive activity. Organisers need to be able to trust the speakers they bring

Unlock the speaker in you

Quick summary: There are three ways you can think about public speaking to stop you from doing it: “I’m modest about what I do” “Other people wouldn’t be interested in me” “I won’t be good at speaking” This piece suggests some different ways to look at your thinking, freeing you to become a confident speaker.

How speakers can connect part two

In the first piece of this two-part article I introduced the idea that the attention of both the audience and the speaker are under attack. Even when the opportunity for face to face connection arises, both parties can become distracted. And this can reduce the value of speaking engagements everyone. I suggested that the speaker