Meet Your Speakers

As a Conference Chair it’s good to meet the Speakers. It’s one of the best things you can do in advance of an event. You’ll get to know them. They’ll get to meet you and each other. And the rapport and chemistry between you starts to form. The event organiser and audience benefit from a

Snooze Your Filler Monster

This is uhh, basically, a post about filler sounds…um…words and phrases. You know, the kind of things that just like….pop up……in your presentations. You know what I mean? The sort of thing, those….umm…sounds and err….words that disrupt and disturb your…ahh…flow….as a presenter. They can grow into phrases….I mean…like literally…. they can uhh… away……umm…at your confidence

10 myths about public speaking

Ten myths about speaking and speakers. Take a look. Is one of these holding you back? Get in touch and let me know.       #10 “What’s the thing you tell yourself that’s holding you back?” Here are 9 more myths. Take a look and see if the one you cherish is in the

Don’t say another word

Why some speakers don’t get asked back and how to make sure you do. Are you an in-demand speaker? To be fair, it’s likely that only a few speakers can honestly answer ‘yes’ to this question. But speaking is becoming a more competitive activity. Organisers need to be able to trust the speakers they bring