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Public Speaking: Roberta Reeve, Technical Manager at the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) shares how a Public Speaking for Leaders Masterclass equipped her with the tools to speak more confidently in a range of settings, and what she’s going to do next.

Background: “Public speaking matter is a regular part of my job, not always to large audiences but often to committees, training groups and my colleagues. I wanted to appear more confident and not be concerned that there are people in the audience who will know more than me.  Read on….



Presentation Skills: Rachel Lambert Forsyth CBiol FRSB, Director of Membership and Professional Affairs at the Royal Society of Biology shares how a Presentation Skills Masterclass equipped their students with the tools and confidence to present their ideas, and enhance the value of their Accreditation Conference for attendees and students.

Background: In 2018 we ran an inaugural Accreditation Conference. Aimed primarily at higher education bioscience academics, we also sought to involve students from each degree programme who had received accolades for their final year project. Read on….