The Space Between Us: Design Leaders on Challenges and Discoveries of remote working

Creative businesses are built on the crackle of in-person exchanges. The spark as one idea collides with another. The flow of conversation that leads to the discovery of the new. What has the move to remote working and reliance on video meant for communication? What challenges are creative business leaders encountering and what are they

Case study: working with graduates from RSB on their Presentation Skills

Rachel Lambert Forsyth CBiol FRSB, Director of Membership and Professional Affairs at the Royal Society of Biology shares how a Presentation Skills Masterclass equipped their students with the tools and confidence to present their ideas, and enhance the value of their Accreditation Conference for attendees and students. Background In 2018 we ran an inaugural Accreditation

10 myths about public speaking

Ten myths about speaking and speakers. Take a look. Is one of these holding you back? Get in touch and let me know.       #10 “What’s the thing you tell yourself that’s holding you back?” Here are 9 more myths. Take a look and see if the one you cherish is in the