Meet Your Speakers

As a Conference Chair it’s good to meet the Speakers. It’s one of the best things you can do in advance of an event. You’ll get to know them. They’ll get to meet you and each other. And the rapport and chemistry between you starts to form. The event organiser and audience benefit from a

Snooze Your Filler Monster

This is uhh, basically, a post about filler sounds…um…words and phrases. You know, the kind of things that just like….pop up……in your presentations. You know what I mean? The sort of thing, those….umm…sounds and err….words that disrupt and disturb your…ahh…flow….as a presenter. They can grow into phrases….I mean…like literally…. they can uhh… away……umm…at your confidence

Good Speakers don’t always make great Chairs.

They can do. But it’s not guaranteed. Because Speaking and Chairing are not the same. While they are both actively involved in an event, the Chair’s role is different. My Masterclass on Conference Chairing and Facilitation for Association of Association Executives (AAE) will prepare you to perform well as a Chair or Facilitator. In the

7 Mighty Questions for Chairs

If you’re finding Chairing hard work, it could be time to change the work you’re doing. When you step from being a member of a group to chairing it, it’s like swapping from a player to a manager. Your work changes. It becomes about enabling the group to perform well. As a chair, your work