“You’ve convinced me to start practising my presentations”

When it comes to making a successful presentation, practise is one of the biggest favours you can do for yourself.

It’s the glue that sticks your preparation to your performance.

And yet we find reasons not to do it.

How about you?

Do you find yourself saying or thinking any of the following…?

“I don’t practise because……

I’ll lose spontaneity

I might not like what I’m saying

I hate the sound of my own voice

I’ll lose confidence

I practised in my head”

If you want to start practising try saying or thinking these instead:

“When I practise, I’ll……

Make space to be more spontaneous

Find a better way of saying what I want to say

Get to know my own voice

Gain confidence by getting to know why I’m saying what I’m saying

Get comfortable saying it as I will present it”

Let me know if you convince yourself.

Or maybe you already have, in which case, what worked for you?

Thanks for reading.


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