Speaking Myths: Busted #1 “I’m not a natural speaker”

How would you know? And how would you know this about another speaker?

Good speakers only appear to be natural speakers.

What you don’t see is the work that got them there.

The same is true of top sports men and women. Or performers in the arts, entertainment. In fact, anyone who ever learnt to be good at anything, ever!

When we see a great performance, whatever is being performed is made to look easy.


But that’s all it is, an appearance. Behind the appearance is work, application, failures and triumphs.

Think of anything you do well now. Did you just wake up one day and be able to do it? I’m guessing not.

This applies to speaking.

What you’re really looking at when you see and hear a good speaker, is their journey through triumph and disaster, as well as the end result.

And this journey is open to everyone if they want to take it. Of course, some people may start off with a little more natural ability than others. But if they don’t work at speaking, they won’t reach their potential.

And those people who decide to seek to make the most of themselves can, with an appetite for growth and work, become better, more fulfilled speakers than those who may start with an advantage.

How about you?

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