I train in influential communication, working with my clients on their approach to selling, speaking and presenting and leadership. Prior to delivering any training, I will meet with you to discuss your specific goals and challenges. From this discussion, I will create a clear brief for the training that enables me to design and deliver a session that will contribute to progress and forward movement for your team. 

I have a number of courses that can be run or adapted to suit your situation. 

Meetings and Presentation skills: A full day interactive training workshop for up to 6 people.The course: Every presentation is an opportunity for change. The presenter has the opportunity to prepare and deliver some fresh idea, insight or thinking. And the audience can leave the room at the end, having had their thinking changed in some way that is useful to them. And ultimately both agree on a mutually beneficial way forward. This one day course gives delegates the opportunity to inject life back into their presentations and create these outcomes.

Who is it for? This course is geared towards people who have some presentation experience but need to step up their game. They may have been recently promoted or taking on new responsibilities that make their successful performance in presentations even more crucial.

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Creating Conversations that Sell: A 7-session coaching programme that gives you the skills, actions and beliefs to build your own new business relationships.

The programme: The programme is based on using the ‘three Cs’ of Community, Content and Conversations. We will work together to find your own approach to harnessing these three steps. In doing so you will find out how to create the light, heat and energy to draw new relationships towards you and the opportunities to develop those relationships into new customers.

Who is it for? This programme is for business owners and leaders that want to take control of their approach to new business by bringing it in house. You have tried alternatives and you have a feeling that you want to be more self-directed in your approach to building your business. If you’re asking ‘what should I do next?’ then this programme is for you.

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New Business Approach Audit: A half day workshop for you, your team and your business

The session: Whatever your industry, your income is your lifeblood. It enables everything else to function, gives you and your team energy and a purpose. You have the opportunity to serve clients with your expertise. You take them to new places and in the process grow your own business. What do you do currently to create and refresh that vital flow of energy into your business?  In this half day exploration session, I will work with you as a coach to clarify what you want your new business to be, where you are, what needs to be different and what you can do to close the gap.

Who is it for? This programme is for business owners and leaders that know they need to do something different to attract the customers that they want. They realise the need for change but they don’t know precisely where to start, how to go about changing or what the change might look like.

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